Our Delivery Methods

There are multiple ways to get a quality project built. Poelman Construction has the ability to find the best delivery method to meet your project needs.

Competitive Bid: Competitive Bid is the method with which most Owners are familiar, whereas one task follows completion of another with no overlap possible. The architect and engineers complete the plans and specifications and then bids are issued. Contractors bid the project exactly as it is designed with the lowest responsible, responsive bidder awarded the work. The design consultant team is selected separately and reports directly to the owner. For 25 years Poelman has been competing in the hard bid arena and has become experts at analyzing plans and specifications to determine the most efficient and cost effective ways to deliver projects. This expertise allows us to continually be competitive in our bids while maintaining our client commitment.

Design / Build: Poelman Construction has 25 years experience performing Design / Build contracts on projects ranging from small commercial tenant improvements to multimillion dollar hotel developments. Under the Design/Build Method, the contractor and architect are one entity hired by the Owner to deliver a complete project. Early in the project, the design/build team provides the owner a construction budget, based upon design criteria prepared by the owner and a moderately developed design by the architect. The contractor and architect then work together to develop drawings that fulfill the criteria and complete the design, while staying within the construction budget. The contractor then receives proposals from and awards subcontracts to subcontractors for the construction of the project.

Design Assist & Modified Design / Build: Design assist is a collaborative team-oriented approach which capitalizes on the benefits of early engagement of both the architect and the contractor, allowing them to utilize their areas of expertise to work as a team during the design phase. This process allows the team to detect and resolve design challenges and constructability issues long before actual construction. When Poelman is engaged early to provide Design Assistance, our clients experience faster project delivery, elimination of costs caused by inefficient or non-constructable designs, improved construction documents, more accurate budget control, and early incorporation of value engineering options.