Coordinate Installation of FF&E: The installation of Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment is sometimes considered by many Contractors to be “Owner’s” work that occurs after construction. Poelman considers the installation of FF&E as a significant activity that is key to the overall success of the project. In keeping with our mission, we take pride in our ability to manage effectively the installation of all FF&E. Our team will coordinate, schedule, and direct your vendors, to streamline the FF&E installation and to maintain our standards of quality.

Commissioning of Systems: Before leaving the project, Poelman verifies that the owner’s operational needs are met, building systems perform efficiently, and that building operators are properly trained.

Warranty: Poelman Construction commits to our customers that all material and workmanship provided for in the course of our projects will be free of defects, will be of specified quality, and will perform properly for a period of one year from the day of commencement of use, substantial completion of the project, or a date of notice of completion of the project, whichever is the first to occur. We also assign and deliver to owner all guarantees, warranties, and quality instructions of all subcontractors, equipment manufacturers, and material suppliers that are applicable to the project.