Project Budgeting & Scheduling: Poelman works side-by-side with owners and their consultants to define the project’s budget and schedule early in the process. Armed with this information, owners are better informed and equipped when making site selection and acquisition decisions.

Site Analysis: Poelman Construction understands that a critical element to the success of our clients’ projects is the need to perform a careful and thorough site analysis. Site conditions can dramatically impact development/construction costs and it is important for our clients to understand these potential impacts prior to making significant financial commitments. Poelman has extensive experience working with owners evaluating potential sites for such conditions.

Utility Studies: Poelman will work with you and your engineering consultants to determine the location, size and adequacy of utilities serving the site, the requirements for connections to the utilities, planning for off-site utility extensions, and design of off-site utility extensions.

Building Surveys: Poelman Construction can prepare a detailed analysis of the major mechanical, structural, and aesthetic aspects of existing buildings; providing you with insight to any major expenses relative to the renovation and/or remodel of the building.